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 Inspire. Connect. Engage. Grow Stronger. 

Kennedy Spencer helps people and their organizations better connect with key stakeholders, increase awareness, employee engagement, sales, and growth. Our strategic, creative and digital programs, trainings and projects inspire action and are proven to deliver near immediate as well as double and triple-digit increases in business results.

  • "I've been having such a hard time at school. I don't know how to thank you for inspiring me (through your speech) that I can get through it, and that I matter."

    - Student Attendee, S2 Student Success Summit

  • The highest calibre creativity, energy and drive. Kennedy Spencer has provided matchless strategic and tactical effort. The success of the project has a direct line to their contributions."

    - Elizabeth Evans, CEO, VIVA Project

  • "One of the best marketing trainings I have ever participated in. Kennedy Spencer taught us how to think differently and focus on what matters."

    - Ira Greenberg, Founding Board Member, Manhattan Charter School; Managing Director, Northwinds Advisors

  • "Kennedy Spencer has provided invaluable insight and support about how the Cooley Group - and particularly our senior leadership team - builds, markets, and expands our business globally."

    - Dan Dwight, CEO, Cooley Group

95 percent of our business comes from client referrals.  That’s a lot of happy clients.  Call them. 

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Why Our Clients Hire Us.

  • Small agency with a global reach
  • Smart, creative, passionate, results
  • The science behind what you do is fascinating
  • You work harder than any agency I’ve ever worked with
  • You understand what’s happening in the world and our world

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Kennedy Spencer consulting and training programs have helped global and emerging organizations and C-level executives significantly improve brands, employee and customer engagement, sales and drive growth.   

Dialogue 4.0 Workshops - Communicate to Motivate. Learn & share what works & why

Kennedy Spencer's award-winning, science-driven Dialogue 4.0 trainings, developed with business leaders and behavioral scientists, help teams more effectively communicate, collaborate and thrive. Ask us about the phenomenal immediate and long-term results - we're proud of the numbers (doubling employee and stakeholder engagement, sales and growth). Workshops include a 6-month subscription to our technology platform that allows users to record and practice any communication and receive critical feedback - prior to communicating. Over the course of use, subscribers are able to collect intelligent data - understand, share and learn what works, what doesn't and why.

Smart Communication - Exceed Your Goals

Strategies, programs and content that are proven to inspire productive action and elicit growth. Our science-driven approach helps clients focus on what matters most, meet audience needs and exceed goals. Results amount to double and triple-digit increases in awareness, engagement, sales and organizational growth.


Patty Kennedy started The Connection Mindset after 20 years of living around the world, advising organizations on communication, change and transformation programs and studying approaches that unite us, divide us, and help us thrive.

Kennedy Spencer


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