Raised Awareness & Engagement for Revolutionary Education Project

The VIVA (Voices, Ideas, Vision, Action) Project is a groundbreaking online dialogue used to directly engage thousands of classroom teachers across the country in education reform. Using proprietary technology, the team launched a dynamic online forum that enables public school teachers from across the country to participate in regional and online dialogues, share their experiences, ideas and opinions around the most pressing educational issues and ideas to help solve those problems.
The collective voices of the classroom teachers are then developed into reports and key recommendations are shared with local, state, and national education leaders and elected officials.  Real teachers influencing real policy.
Kennedy Spencer assisted in conducting research, identifying teachers’ values, developing the concept, positioning, marketing and outreach. Kennedy Spencer was responsible for outreach and teacher recruitment across the state, which was accomplished through a mix of social media, direct mail, donor development, and creative animation. In addition, Kennedy Spencer helped build partnerships with state and national education reform groups to help broaden program awareness and strengthen impact. The New York pilot is a companion to a national pilot, both of which will seed the roll-out of a multi-state program geared that will actively influence state and federal education leaders.
“Kennedy Spencer brings the highest caliber creativity, energy and drive to The VIVA Project. They dove into this ambitious and messy project wholeheartedly, and provide matchless strategic and tactical work. They are indispensable.  The success of the project surely will have a direct line to Kennedy Spencer’s contribution.”
-Elizabeth Evans, Founding CEO and Board Member, New Voice Strategies