Raised more than $10 million

Raised more than $10 million

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Program Activities

Kennedy Spencer and the New York City Charter School Center conceived an idea to create and execute a 3-year fundraising and communications consortium for more than 35 NYC charter schools, to help strengthen individual school operation, communication and fundraising, as well as strengthen the positioning of the overall charter school movement. The program consisted of a three-tiered approach: consortium marketing, communication and fundraising trainings; a fund-development fellow program–that garnered national recognition and replication, where graduate students from local Universities were hired, trained and assigned fellowships at various New York City schools, and individual school marketing, communication and fundraising consulting.



  • Exceeded collective financial goal of raising more than $10 million;
  • Consortium participation more than tripled from first year; and
  • More than 90% of participating schools thought the Consortium program “significantly helped” in generating immediate school revenue, as well as long-term capacity and skills. 

December 3, 2015


Board training, Creative Campaign Development, Fundraising, Internal Communication, Marketing Communication Training, Media Relations, Online communication, Public speaking, Social media