Generated International Media Coverage

Generated International Media Coverage

An International Company Captures to the NY Media Market
With sales of around EUR 4.4 billion and some 15,600 employees, A1 (formerly Telekom Austria) is Austria’s largest telecommunications company and one of the country’s most important enterprises.



Kennedy Spencer developed and executed a US media tour for A1 that introduced CEO Boris Nemsic, to the US financial market, as well as present new technology as a means of improving the wireless industry. After conducting research and translating positioning to market-appropriate messages, Kennedy Spencer trained company executives on key points, conducted targeted media outreach among financial and technology reporters from top-tier financial publications and trade magazines, and coordinated a NY/US-based media tour.



A1 and Mr. Nemsic were “delighted” with the success of the Kennedy Spencer media tour. Interviews and coverage were generated at major media outlets including Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal,  Time Magazine, The New York Times and Bloomberg Business.




December 16, 2014


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